Competitive Event Timing and Consulting Services

OmniGo! is a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT) for Idaho and southern California.

Experience Matters

Our team combined has been helping event promoters run successful events for over thirty years. OmniGo!'s group consists of both competitors and event organizers alike. From one-day single races to complex multi-discipline stage or series, including everything from local to national, we can help make your event a success.

Timing Options

Every event is different and requires a specific type of timing. Some events are simple enough to utilize manual timing, keeping the event’s budget more manageable, while other events have more volume and would benefit from RFID (chip) timing. Large running races are a good example for RFID. Track & Field and some cycling events, including criteriums and road races, require more precise timing and accurate finish orders. Line cameras are the most suitable and reliable out of all three of the timing types for these events. There are also cases where combinations of timing options are valuable.

Whatever your event requires, OmniGo! can produce accurate and immediate results with its specially designed software that supports all three timing types: manual, RFID and line camera.

Event Tools

Timing is only one important aspect of running a successful event. OmniGo!'s goal is to go beyond and create a series of tools to help keep all of your data from beginning to end and instantly accessible. A flexible and customizable registration portal is under development. Other important applications are also on the horizon and together will create the ultimate experience for both the event organizer and participant. It all began with custom software that was developed and massaged over 7 a year period for a national event. The demand became so great for this software that OmniGo! is now bringing a new and more accessible version to the public.

We would love to hear any ideas you may have that would make your event experience easier and more successful!

About Us

The concept of OmniGo! was created out of need. After a first attempt of putting on an event and struggling with results, OmniGo!’s founder decided it was time to take action. Not finding the event timing support she needed that would fit her budget, she decided it was time to start from scratch and develop her own system. As her event grew to a national qualifier over the years, her software grew as well and made a complicated event with many races and scoring varieties an ease to support with immediate results as the final product. Yet, all the while, remaining easy to use for everyone from officials to volunteers. The well-run popular event drew attention and other event organizers started asking what the secret was behind its success. Even an international event organizer from Canada asked for support using this software.

Today, a once custom built software system has evolved to the greater idea of creating more event tools that would support a variety of different events, provide efficient apps and support several timing techniques. OmniGo! is ramping up this concept and is under development today. Currently, OmniGo! is capable of timing a variety of events with the same efficiency and immediate results as it has done for years. Eventually, it will provide a complete system that is necessary to help not only event organizers but participants as well.

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